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Monsignor Mariano Fazio Named Vicar General

With the favorable opinion of the members of the general elective Congress, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz​ has appointed Monsignor Mariano Fazio as Vicar General of Opus Dei.

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Photos of New Prelate of Opus Dei

Some recent photos of Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz, named Prelate of Opus Dei by Pope Francis.

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"I am very grateful to the Pope"

In this Rome Reports video, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz expresses his first reactions on being named Prelate of Opus Dei by the Pope.

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Pope Francis Names Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz Prelate of Opus Dei

This evening, Pope Francis confirmed Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz as the new Prelate of Opus Dei, following his election earlier in the day during the elective congress. He is the third successor to Saint Josemaria.

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Elective Process Begins with Meeting of Opus Dei’s Central Advisory

This morning in Rome, the process foreseen for the election and naming of the prelate of Opus Dei has begun, with the first plenary meeting of the women’s council of the prelature, called the central Advisory.

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“Saint Josemaria's charism is a treasure that can beautify the world”

Isabel Sánchez is the central Secretary of the Advisory, the women's council that assists the Prelate in governing the Prelature. In this interview she describes the elective process that concludes with the naming of a new Prelate.

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On the Way to the Elective Congress

Faithful of Opus Dei from around the world describe how the next Prelate of Opus Dei will be elected, as they reflect on what the Church expects from them today.

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Press Dossier on the Third Elective Congress

The process planned for the election and appointment of the prelate of Opus Dei will begin in Rome on January 21. Press dossier for journalists on the Third Elective Congress.

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Why is the Prelate of Opus Dei called “Father”?

An article by Guillaume Derville on why the faithful in the Prelature of Opus Dei call the prelate "Father."

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Election of next prelate of Opus Dei to begin on January 21

The process planned for the election and appointment of the prelate of Opus Dei will begin in Rome on January 21.

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