Message from the Prelate, 20 July 2020

In the face of our own vulnerability, Mgr. Ocariz reminds us that Christ knew his disciples’ weaknesses and their past when he chose them, but also knew that the Holy Spirit is stronger than all of that.

Pastoral Letters and Messages
Opus Dei - Message from the Prelate, 20 July 2020

Pamplona, 20 July 2020

My dearest children, may Jesus watch over my daughters and sons for me!

Let’s keep praying together, as we did in the Mass on 26th June which was live-streamed via the web-page, for the people we have lost because of the pandemic, which is still on the increase in many countries. Let’s also be mindful in our prayer, and when possible in our actions, of those who are suffering its consequences at the personal, family, health or financial level. All of this continues to make us realise the vulnerability that is part of human nature, and the insecurity that comes from trusting in our own strength alone. This situation has led us to turn our eyes, with greater self-abandonment, to God, and to the people around us, knowing that having company can bring true consolation.

In this short message I also wanted us to consider another kind of vulnerability which affects all of us in one way or another. I mean the personal weakness we sometimes experience in contrast with the terrific proposal set before us by the Christian Faith and the spirit of the Work. This discrepancy, between the ideal and the reality of our own life, must not discourage us or put us off.

It can help us to remember that Christ did not call his disciples because they were better than the rest; when he called them, he knew all their weaknesses, and the depths of their hearts, and their past, as he does ours; and for that very reason, he knew he could count on all the good things that they were each capable of doing. Jesus knew that they would not lack the strength of the Holy Spirit on their path, if they were prepared to begin anew every day. My daughters and sons, even though we sometimes feel worthless, we can truthfully say: “Dominus illuminatio mea et salus mea, quem timebo? – The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?” (Ps 27[26]:1).

A very affectionate blessing from

your Father