Finishing the favor

I prayed to St Josemaria for a job for my dad.

A year and a half ago, I prayed to St Josemaria for a job for my dad. After several attempts he obtained a full-time permanent job. But just before Christmas the van he used for deliveries was damaged. His line manager said he could choose whether to wait for two weeks while the van was repaired or look for another job.

When I heard about this from my parents I prayed to St Josemaria to finish off the favor he had begun. My dad talked to the supervisor at work to see whether he could work as an independent distributor. The supervisor said that since it was him and no-one else, he could go ahead. They allowed him to hire a vehicle for one month, to give him enough time to buy one for himself.

My parents were very happy but we did not stop praying to St Josemaria for the whole situation. The month went by, and the first week of January he had no work. Just two days before St Josemaria’s birthday, he got a call to say the new vehicle was ready and he could go and collect it. As he does not now depend on another man but directly on the company, he earns a little more money, which he uses to pay off the purchase of the vehicle and also the family car. Although that means two monthly payments, they manage to get by. My mum has asked me to keep praying to St Josemaria for two projects they have this year. I am doing so, and also asking St Josemaria that one of these projects may be to go to Rome to thank him for the favor received.