Two Favours of St Josemaria on June 26

On 26 June, we celebrate the feastday of St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, the Founder of Opus Dei. Since his death in 1975, many people have gone to his intercession and received favours of all sorts, from minute material concerns to deeper spiritual conversions. In commemoration of his feastday this June 26, we present 2 favours obtained through his intercession that took place precisely on this date.

Excepts from “Favours of Saint Josemaria Escriva” By Flavio Capucci Scepter Publishers, 2004 1. Fix everything by June 26

When I changed to a new company, I had to find a new apartment fast, because the old one was already spoken for. After much searching, we decided to become part of a cooperative some professionals had set up, but the construction was severely delayed, causing all kinds of problems for the more than fifty families involved.

Once materially finished, the apartment building had to meet some bureaucratic hurdles, especially a certificate of occupancy. This process was even more drawn out with papers going back and forth. Months went by, leaving us and lots of other families very worried and with nowhere to turn.

Some friends of my wife who were members of Opus Dei told her to entrust the matter to St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer to see if he could resolve everything in time for the anniversary of his death on June 26. This advice came on June 20 or 21.

To tell the truth, I didn’t believe it would work. Two days later, a friend told me to visit a particular office where they might be able to do something about the papers. So on June 25 I went and they told me there was no problem; they could fix it right away. Still, small problems cropped up and some certificates were missing. As it was late in the workday, they said they had to leave and told me to return the following day. But I insisted and suggested several possible solutions. In the end, they told me I had to return and continue the following day. When I arrived the following day, all the papers were signed and each of the 54 bonds were stamped… with the date of June 26.

I’m absolutely certain that this miracle took place thanks to the intercession of St. Josemaria.


2. Projected birth: June 26th

What follows is the account of a favour granted to my sister, who asked me to tell it so that many others might turn with confidence to OpusDei’s founder and thus give greater glory to God.

My sister was hopeful that she was pregnant although her body offered no sign. Yet she was convinced of it, for a mother knows when she’s carrying a child conceived.

When she went to the doctor, she was told that she wasn’t pregnant. She insisted on more tests that only confirmed what she had been told. However she was still certain and consulted another physician, who agreed with the first. She then decided to wait.

When it became obvious she was expecting, she went again to the doctor. Because she had had some haemorrhage in the early months, he told her that it was unlikely that the child would be normal and the best thing would be to abort the child then as the baby was still relatively boneless, like a lump of flesh.

Weeping, she turned to St. Josemaria with all the faith she could muster. Calculating that the baby should be born in June, she told St. Josemaria: “Father, you’re going to grant me the miracle of my child being born on June 26th.”

The pregnancy continued fairly normally and she kept asking for the miracle. When June 26 came round, she was so convinced that the baby, normal and healthy, would come that day that she asked her husband to drop her off at the hospital on his way to work. He saw no reason to as there were no signs that delivery was imminent. But, when she insisted, he did so to please her.

When she reached the hospital, they immediately attended to her because labour was under way. The baby boy came in to the world at 3 pm that June 26, normal and healthy.

(El Salvador)