Several favors connected with work

I had problems with one of my jobs that made relations with my students very uncomfortable and strained.

I write to tell about the favors I have received in recent months from St. Josemaria Escriva. In the month of March (or April) 2013 I took up a long-standing friendship with a family whom I had not heard from for a long time. Our first meetings were wonderful, and we were all delighted to have recovered this old friendship. As time went on they told me about their job and money problems. I started trying to improve my friends’ situation. I also requested the assistance of a friend who could help me get a job for one of them. At the same time, I began to pray to Saint Josemaria for her to get that job. The job offer came in June to start work in September.

My friend started to work, and she feels very happy with the job she has and her self-esteem has risen. I continue to pray to St. Josemaría, because this job seems to have good prospects and she may get increased hours and, therefore, more income for the family, which they need for their stability.

As well as all this, I am a teacher. In March or April this year I had problems with one of my jobs that made relations with my students very uncomfortable and strained. I prayed to St. Josemaria to be able to end the obligations I had assumed, in a way that was responsible and upbeat, despite the difficulties and misunderstandings I had encountered. As soon as I started praying I noticed that the founder of Opus Dei was strengthening me and I can say that he gave me the strength and hope I needed to complete my work successfully.

Encouraged by the support I received from St. Josemaria, I decided to entrust a new intention to his intercession: obtaining the post of associate professor at the University. A few days later I was told that I had the post.

I keep praying to St. Josemaría to help me in my work and in all work issues, and in all of them I keep trying to help and serve others. I also pray to him for my health and for an increase in my faith, that is vital in my life. Once again, I want to thank St. Josemaria and by this testimony encourage many people to turn to his intercession.