General and Regional Monthly Intention for Region of East and South Asia [II-2024]

A new regional monthly intention has been proposed in view of the regional assembly that is taking place this year.

General Monthly Intention

Let us ask the Lord for the grace to serve the Church with our whole life. To this end, let us pray cor unum et anima una (Acts 4:32), closely united to the Father, for the task the Pope has asked the Work to carry out in the motu proprio Ad charisma tuendum. Let us strive to promote, through concrete details, unity in our spiritual family and among all Christians, in order to serve the Church as the Church wants to be served. In this way, we will contribute to the evangelization of the world from the beauty of the charism received by St. Josemaría.


St. Josemaría, Conversations, nn. 58-63.

– From the Father, Pastoral Letter, 19-III-2022, nn. 10-12.

Regional Monthly Intention (from 14-II-2024 to 2-X-2024)

In the coming months, the regional assembly will be held in our region. In close union with the Father and the other regional assemblies that will be held throughout the world, let us pray for the efforts and fruits of the work of these months. Let us participate in the activities of the regional assembly with ideas and suggestions that will contribute to renew in all of us our sense of mission, faithful to the charism received by St. Josemaría.


– Saint Josemaría, Letters nos. 29, 6 & 4.

Document “Path Toward the Centenary”

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