For Those Searching for God

Today there is a new interest in religion. How does the Work respond to this interior thirst?

Opus Dei offers a formation based on the Sacraments, especially Penance and the Eucharist, meditation on Scripture and the teachings of the Church, the study of Catholic doctrine and morality, as it applies to one’s profession. The Prelature makes these means of formation available in the ordinary circumstances of daily life. No one needs to leave his place of work; on the contrary, everyone is encouraged to find right where he is the connection between contemplation and work. One can be profoundly united to God while preparing a meal, caring for a sick person, playing a football game, or carrying out a scientific experiment. This is because union with God occurs in the depths of a heart that is free. It’s all a matter of love.

Francesco Ognibene, in Avvenire (Milan, Italy)