Favours of St Josemaría

St Josemaría was canonised on 6th October 2002 by Pope John Paul II. Readers from all over the world have written in to tell of the favours they have received through his intercession.

For a copy of the prayer to St Josemaría, click here.

Look him in the eyes

My house has been undergoing alterations since the beginning of January with every kind of workman in and out. In January two young workmen were installing a very heavy window and suddenly one of them cut one of the fingers of his left hand with an electric saw; he is left-handed. Hearing a terrific yell, I ran in and found him on the floor, pale and shaking, because he thought he’d cut a tendon. I gave him first aid and calmed him down. His mate called their boss and they took him to A&E. As they were leaving the house I gave him a prayer-card of St Josemaría and told him, “Look him in the eyes, and tell him that as he’s the ‘patron saint of work’, he had better look after you.” He came back yesterday and the minute I opened the door, he said, “I prayed to the ‘bishop of work’ and the tendon is fine,” showing a two-inch scar which had earned him a fortnight off work. I told him to keep praying not to have accidents at work. “You bet I will,” he assured me. St Josemaría wasn’t a bishop, but the man didn’t know what a saint was and must have thought that “bishop” sounded even more respectful. Anyway, St Josemaría now has another hard-working devotee in this French city.

Madeleine Renedo-Klein, Grenoble, France

March 2010

Cable TV

I want to tell you that I was eye-witness to a miracle or special grace granted through St Josemaría Escrivá intercession. I was at home configuring the new cable television channels and after a hundred thousand attempts and a hundred thousand connections, I had got nowhere. Exhausted and desperate, after all my useless effort, I prayed through the intercession of this saint, this man who gave everything in his life on earth, and who today continues helping those who ask for his intercession. And after praying to him for this intention, the result was that the cable TV channels are all working!

Leopoldo, Spain

March 18, 2010

In remission

I want to thank Saint Josemaría for my father’s health. He was diagnosed with cancer of the colon with metastasis in the liver on June 12, 2009. 8 months have gone by since this diagnosis and yesterday, February 22, 2010, after the latest test, he was told that the tumor level was negative and the organs are clear, so the cancer is in remission. A friend had given me the prayer of Saint Josemaría and I am certain he interceded for us. A thousand thanks!!!

Gloria Gabriela Guizado, Panama

February 24, 2010

What I really wanted to do was study

I would like to tell you about the latest ‘impossible’ miracle I received thanks to St Josemaría. Because of my family’s financial troubles I was never able to go to university. Every time I tried to apply, there were always complications and obstacles. I went to St Josemaría’s canonization in 2002, and from then on I became a fan of his and I really venerate him a lot. There and then I started praying to him to help me, to guide my future so I could make a success of my life. I got a good job, and afterwards, one that was still better. However, what I really wanted to do was study. In May 2009 I got a place at a top university in the course I wanted to do, and I was even offered a grant for the full fees.

The other ‘impossible’ miracle that St Josemaría interceded for me was in 2008. That year in Ecuador there was a really bad winter that left many agricultural areas under water. The areas affected included an estate where my dad had a rice field at that time. My whole family prayed to St Josemaría to protect the field, and it was saved. 80 per cent of the estate was flooded, except the rice field.

E. M., Ecuador

February 25, 2010

In the sea

This is a little favour that I attribute to St Josemaría’s intercession. Last August I was swimming in the sea, south of Beirut, at a beach with very few people around. At one point I realized that I had lost the sunglasses that I had pushed up on my forehead. They weren’t valuable, but I was really upset because they weren’t mine. I tried to look for them, diving under the water, but the waves were a little rough and the water was so turbid I couldn’t see a thing. I told my companions about it and they too helped search for it. We asked St Josemaría to help, but almost gave up hope. We carried on with the day, did some sports on the beach, ate lunch, and so on. Before leaving, we went in for one last swim, and to my surprise I felt something under my foot. Unbelievable but true! It was the glasses. I am so grateful to St Josemaría for this favour and was able to return the borrowed glasses to their owner.

Fina Bosch, Lebanon

February 20, 2010