"Music brings me closer to God"

Daniel is from New Orleans, the cradle of jazz. He says that his guitar has brought him quite far, leading him to both the rhythms of flamenco and to get to know Opus Dei.

I'm from New Orleans, the cradle of jazz. My name is Daniel and I'm 27 years old. I came to Madrid just over a year ago. I decided to come to Spain to discover flamenco. And I did discover it. And much more.

My guitar has brought me quite far. Both personally and professionally. Among other things, the path to discovering flamenco has also led me to Opus Dei. God's harmonies are truly inscrutable. I've enjoyed studying the connection between flamenco and jazz. It's quite strong! Good things are always closely connected.

I'm now studying flamenco guitar music and I've teamed up with some musicians from Madrid to play in the city's jazz clubs. I'm also trying to start my own group in my adopted city.

Daniel with some musician friends

To give an idea of where I stand musically, I'll tell you that my coordinates are jazz guitarists such as Peter Bernstein and Bill Frisell, flamenco guitarists such as Paco de Lucia and Diego El Morao, some traditional American country singers and composers of popular Brazilian music. It's quite a universal mix from which I compose a very personal musical vision.

Music brings me closer to people and to God

The path of music has drawn me closer to people and to God. Music, good music, is a way of finding beauty and art, but also a way to come down to earth, to understand others, their feelings, passions and problems. Authentic music brings you closer both to God and to other people; that's why everyone enjoys it.

For me, composing songs is both work and rest, pain and pleasure: all creation is both beautiful and painful. Music also brings you closer to other people. When I've spent time playing the guitar with someone, even just a few hours, I've gotten to know that person much better than people who perhaps I've known much longer.

Beauty, art and truth

I've known many musicians from all over the world, with many different styles and personalities. All of us are united by the search for the beautiful and a sensitivity for inner realities. I often find books on spiritual topics and moral philosophy in the homes of musicians I've known

His jazz trio

I think many artists are able to contemplate spiritual realities because they have a well-developed sensitivity for what is invisible. They are accustomed to seeking, to striving for invisible and hidden truths.

Art requires shutting yourself up in a room for many hours to hone your skills, and this makes you "self-aware." It teaches you a lot about yourself. There's no escape!

Yes, the search for beauty and truth is always rewarding. I encourage you to set out on it.