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Dora and My Family

Minette is from Canada. "One day at an Opus Dei Centre in Vancouver, I found a prayer card (similar to St. Josemaria's prayer card that I am familiar with), but with a different picture - a picture of a lady named 'Dora'. I read it, and certain phrases struck me... 'work at the same tasks as the Blessed Virgin Mary in Nazareth' and 'spread all around me the family warmth... cheerful, selfless work...'."


I carry with me "The Way" and "The Forge"

Tim Smyczek, who was praised by Rafa Nadal for his surprising sportsmanship, talks about the importance of faith for his life as a tennis pro in a recent National Catholic Register interview.


"Music brings me closer to God"

Daniel is from New Orleans, the cradle of jazz. He says that his guitar has brought him quite far, leading him to both the rhythms of flamenco and to get to know Opus Dei.

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