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Running for the Best Cause: Gratitude

Born in the Bronx, Stephanie Frias knows what a tough neighborhood looks like. That’s why she’s keen on remembering her roots and finding ways to give back: "My dream is for everyone to remember the need to be thankful. Sometimes we forget the people who made us become who we are."

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Finally Living Together

Mimi always loved the party scene, but at some point she felt God wanted her to make a change. She worried about finding a boyfriend who would respect these changes, until she met Victor. They decided to make the effort to date in a Christian way, surprising their friends with their choice of not living together during the 5 years they were dating. Today, they are a point of reference for those same friends. As they see it, going against this cultural trend made their wedding day especially meaningful.

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"I'm happy because I paid for it"

Carlos and Marita have given their children everything they need... but not necessarily everything that they ask for. With fatherly and motherly pedagogy, they've shown their children how to be the protagaonists of their own happiness, teaching them to cover their own expenses, to know how to save, to not be carried away by the latest trends, etc. Living counter culturally has produced its fruits: their children take care of their possessions and are grateful for the brothers and sisters they have.

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Guadalupe Ortiz: Her Life in 60 seconds

On 18 May 2019, Guadalupe Ortiz de Landázuri will be beatified by the Catholic Church. Here is a one-minute summary of her life.

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"The day I decided to truly live my faith"

José is a recent graduate in Medicine in Puerto Rico who loves to surf. He recounts an unexpected encounter at WYD in 2011 that changed his life and that of his future wife Michelle.

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Young People and the Synod: Perspectives from Kenya

Vivian Nyambura, a finance student at Strathmore University in Nairobi, speaks about how young people can be helped to discern their vocation in the Church. With input from Archbishop Anthony Muheria of Nyeri, Kenya.

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Youth Speaking Out: "The Church is ours"

Clemente, from Chile, speaks about ways young people can assist the Pope and the Church. Fifth video in the series.

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Youth Speaking Out: "God called me among my friends"

Pali, a law student in Uruguay, speaks about how she "discerned" her own vocation in Opus Dei. Fourth video in the series "Youth Speaking Out."

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Youth Speaking Out: "Where is God amid suffering?"

Carlos, who is studying economics in Valencia, speaks about coming to understand better the mystery of suffering through his friendship with Jorge Ribera, a 19 year old friend of his who is fighting a battle against leukemia.

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Youth Speaking Out: "What do you seek?"

The Holy Father has said many times that he wants to listen to the voices of young people, and he invites them to speak without fear. "Youth Speaking Out" is a new video series, inspired by the upcoming Synod.

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