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Lessons in Love

A new article in the series on human love. "We must respect and seek the truth if we are to love wisely."

Fostering Interior Life

Matrimonial Love

A new article in the series on married love. "The effort to love is the effort to give ourselves more to the other person each day. Since true love implies dying to our own self-interest, it doesn’t come easily."

Fostering Interior Life

Keep the Fire Burning

A new article in the series on married love. "Marriage requires effort! It is a constant beginning again and again. Do not take love for granted. Make a joyful gift of yourself to your spouse."

Fostering Interior Life

"It was worth it"

Jorge Rojas and Maria Esther Goldsack met at a university in Chile, and have been married for 41 years. They reflect on what's helped them to keep their marriage alive and fruitful, including in ways that have had a real social impact beyond their family home. A new video in the series "Marriage: a Divine Path on Earth."

Personal testimonies

Marriage: a Divine Path on Earth

Inspired by the Marian year for the family in Opus Dei, this is the first in a series of videos made in Chile on the vocation to marriage, "a divine path on earth," as Saint Josemaria liked to say.

Recent News

10 Questions About Marriage

St Josemaria answers ten questions about love, marriage, engagement, faithfulness, raising children, and more. What is the basis of family unity? What about married couples who can’t have children?

Saint Josemaría

My Home is My New Catwalk

Neysha, from Puerto Rico, is a professional model. She says, “My home is my new catwalk, and I try to look more elegant than ever, for love of my husband and children.”


Citizens who value love

Vittorio Gervasi, Italian, says he, "thanks Saint Josemaria for having opened up for me the doctrine of the Church about human love and courtship with his practical teachings."


Pope Francis' Eight Tips to Improve Family Life

Video. (Rome Reports). Striving, forgiveness, prayer and dedication are the ingredients that Pope Francis offers to strengthen family life. His personal experience as well as meeting thousands of people have made the Pope an expert on the family. His advice, simple yet direct, can help in day-to-day life. There is no doubt that his advice to married couples has spread around the world.


Marriage, a Christian vocation

Saint Josemaría teaches that marriage is a Christian vocation to which many people are called, as shown in the video series “Take a chance on happiness.”