Work, family life, and other ordinary activities are occasions for spiritual union with Jesus Christ.



Opus Dei provides spiritual formation aimed at helping people develop their spiritual life and apostolate. These activities are held in Opus Dei centers or in a church, office or private home.

Place in the Church

Opus Dei's work of spiritual formation complements the work of local churches. People who join Opus Dei or attend its activities continue to belong to their local dioceses.

Historical Overview

Opus Dei was founded in 1928 in Spain and is currently established in 66 countries.

Creating Opportunities to Serve

Despite the many ways that COVID-19 has made life unpredictable, students at Oakcrest School in Virginia have continued doing all they can to serve the needy.

Solidarity with Lebanon and Venezuela

Given the difficult circumstances that Lebanon and Venezuela are going through now, aggravated by the health crisis, questions have been received on this website from people who want to express their solidarity and help out, also with donations.