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"Suffering Turned Into Love"

In 1985 Toni Zweifel, in perfect health, jotted down a somewhat surprising thought: “The bad thing is not so much the fact that one has cancer, but that one’s relationship with God isn’t strong enough to turn the sickness into something positive."

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"An ideal worth living for"

Toni first came in contact with Opus Dei in 1961, when "faith didn’t seem to have any real place in his self-sufficient and successful life. Toni had become a non-practicing Catholic with a baptismal certificate."

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News about Toni's Cause

The diocesan process for the collection of documents and witnesses about the Servant of God Toni Zweifel was opened on February 22, 2001, in the presence of the diocesan bishop, Amédée Grab, in Coira, Switzerland.


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Toni Zweifel

Toni’s Life

Toni Zweifel was born on February 15, 1938 in Verona, Italy. His mother Antonia was Italian and his father, Giusto Zweifel, was a Swiss textile manufacturer. He was baptized on February 26.

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Favors Received from prayers to Toni Zweifel

Seeking the intercession of men and women who have died with a reputation for holiness is a common practice in the Catholic Church. Examples of favors received through the intercession of Toni Zweifel follow.