Documentation for Isidoro Zorzano

Books and other documents related to Isidoro and his cause of canonization


— Daniel Sargent, God's Engineer, Chicago (IL), Scepter, 1954, 191 pages.

— Jose Miguel Pero-Sanz, Isidoro Zorzano. Ingeniero Industrial (Buenos Aires, 1902 -Madrid, 1943), (1996), 5th revised edition, Madrid, Palabra, 2009, 445 pages. Italian translation: Isidoro Zorzano. Il carisma della normalità, Milano, Ares, 1999, 365 pages.


— Stephan Puhl, Zeit der Bewahrung. Ein Lebensbild des Isidoro Zorzano, Koln, Adamas Verlag 1995, 64 pages. Translated into Dutch: Laten zien wat je kunt. Wen levensschets van Isidoro Zorzano, Amersterdam, De Boog, 1995, 80 pages.

— Jose Miguel Pero-Sanz, Isidoro Zorzano. (1902 - 1943), 1993; 2nd edition, Madrid, Palabra, 1994, 70 pages (Folletos Mundo Cristiano, no. 570).

Documentary on DVD

Isidoro Zorzano. El sentido de una vida, 1999, 31 min