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"Red dirt, deadly animals and desolate landscapes"

"It was surreal experience to travel to the heart of the country." Francis Gonzaga, a student from Warrane College in Sydney, reflects on his experience at a volunteer work camp in Alice Springs, Australia.

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Chipping Away at Poverty: One Graduate at a Time

Each year, Banilad School in the Philippines sees young girls leave its halls, brimming with hope, looking forward to bringing a bright future to their families and to become valuable contributors to the food, hotel, and restaurant service sectors.

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Food for More Than 50,000 People

The students of Los Cerros (a school in Colombia), in collaboration with the Food Bank, have collected more than 9,600 cans of food that will be distributed to vulnerable families in Bogota.

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Glitz as Lantana College, Enugu, marks 25 years anniversary

Lantana College, a project of the Women’s Board of Educational Corporation Society (ECS), celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

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Ray of Hope

This month TEWA Vocational Training Centre in Kilifi County celebrates its 12th birthday. Their most recent video gives a peek into the impact Tewa has made and continues to make in the community around them.

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My Friends The Street Guys

Eastlands College of Technology was set up as a club and eventually a college for Jua Kali workers in Nairobi.

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My Students, My Pride

A teacher of the Lagoon Institute of Hospitality Studies (LIHS), shares with joy the experiences of her students who, during the holidays, organized culinary sessions in their various communities. These sessions have turned to be impactful both to the students and their communities. LIHS is a hospitality and tourism school in Lagos targeted at equipping young women from low income homes with relevant skills that help them to be economically independent.

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Standing for Others in Lagos

Several women attending the means of formation in centres of Opus Dei in Lagos started WiNE (Women in New Evangelization) an initiative that organizes activities for young professionals. They decided to start one to help the less privileged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opus Dei in this country

Beyond My Four Walls

The following stories show how creativity and a passion for doing good can cut through walls and cross over oceans. Although we are confined, our eagerness to help others cannot be.

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Marian: Bursting the Bubble

Marian from Puerto Rico says she grew up in a "bubble": between her family and her school, all her needs were always met. All of that changed after doing some community service at school. Motivated by Saint Josemaria's encouragement to foster a genuine concern for every person, she also wants to help others to see beyond their own immediate needs.

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