"Working on Trust": On Family & Parenting

This series of videos is intended to help parents in the education of their children. The videos draw upon the teachings of Saint Josemaria, who was passionate about freedom and the educational role of parents.

Working on Trust is a series of 9 videos presenting common situations that can arise when raising children. Sexuality, technology use, friends, vocation, work... There are so many topics that require education at home and dialoguing with one's children.

Communication and team work between the parents together with an openness to the legitimate aspirations of children, as well as the importance of creating an atmosphere of affection and trust at home where children can talk more easily about what enthuses, puzzles and worries them, are some of the key messages throughout the series.

Each video comes with a discussion guide that includes a selection of texts for reflection, questions for conversation, and links to further material. They could be useful for use in groups with other couples at schools, parishes, etc.

Working on Trust (1): More than Video Games

Working on Trust (2): Talking with Children about Human Sexuality

Working on Trust (3): "Mom, can I have a cell phone?

Working on Trust (4): “Can I go out tonight?”

Working on Trust (5): "Can I have a party?"

Working on Trust (6): Each Child Is Different

Working on Trust (7): An Unexpected Future

Working on Trust (8): "God chose my son"

Working on Trust (9): Dealing with Peer Pressure