The Little We Do, Matters

I am the Sales Service Manager at a leading manufacturing company in Kenya’s Industrial Area. The management that has just come in is working at up-scaling the operations to a multi-national level from a family owned business.

Personal testimonies

In my role, I manage the Sales Delivery processes, customer complaints, pricing, stock management, flow of communication between the sales team and customers, and many other duties that ensures our customers are well served.

I love my job, and over time, I am learning to bring order, serve cheerfully, make clear and concise presentations or reports whenever required and ensure that prices and discounts to the customers are accurate. I realize that wanting to do my best does not mean that I find things easy or that challenges are quickly resolved, but it lifts a heavy load off my back just to know that God counts on that specific situation to bring me and others close to Him; which is something I am learning through the means of formation I receive in Opus Dei. I and my colleagues work as a team and sometimes, they look up to me for support because of my role in the company. Being able to resolve issues between people, I have learnt, needs to begin with caring and understanding those people…..One of the greatest challenges I face is to get the operations team to handle positively and effectively a customer complaint, getting them to understand that even though they are not at fault we have to find a way to appease the customer and correct the non-conformance.

It’s a joy for me to see the sense of togetherness between my fellow colleagues –reaching out to one another, caring for the sick and praying together for the faithful departed. Two years ago, we lost a fellow colleague to cancer, and we rallied all the Catholics in the organization to pray for his soul and the consolation of the entire family. The following day, the entire organization met in prayer for him and his family. It was truly touching. Some of my colleagues are interested in the Catholic Faith and I know God has placed me there to help them along their path of discovery of the faith.