Texts of Saint Josemaría in your mail box

The web page offers a new subscription service to receive texts of Saint Josemaría in your mail box either daily or weekly.

Besides the Newsletter which we periodically send to our subscribers with a summary of the new items published on the web, we now offer a new subscription service to send texts of Saint Josemaría.

These short texts change daily and throughout the year, they cycle through the main topics of Christian life, such as divine filiation, Christian charity, sanctification of ordinary work, etc.

They are a few lines but which are a great help to begin the day with a spiritual thought.

The reader has the option of either receiving these texts daily or once a week. To subscribe to the service, click on the link, “Message” under  “SAINT JOSEMARĺA”, below which there is a box to enter email and indicate the periodicity. We will then send you an email in order to confirm the subscription.