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The Story of Strathmore University

Strathmore College in Kenya was started in 1961, right around the time that Kenya was becoming independent. St. Josemaria encouraged those who were starting the university to resist racial tensions, and insisted that they start an inter-racial school.

The First Book about Dora del Hoyo in English

The First Book about Dora del Hoyo in English

​Scepter Publishers has recently published "Dora del Hoyo, A Lighted Lamp", an English translation of a biography of Dora (original title: "Dora del Hoyo, Una Luz Encendida") The book, written by Javier Medina Bayo, tells the story of Dora's life, based on the testimony of her family and those who lived with her.

The Best Gift St. Josemaria Received

The Best Gift St. Josemaria Received

On March 14th, 1946, Dora del Hoyo became the first to join Opus Dei as an assistant numerary. She has inspired thousands of women all over the world to dedicate themselves to spreading the universal call to holiness through their professional work of caring for the home.

Prayers answered

Prayers answered

It was in November 2014 when I visited my parents to spend a few days with them. On the second night, we had gone to sleep but it was so late and my dad had not yet arrived home.


Saint Josemaria Talks About Work of the Home

"Housework is something of primary importance. Besides, all work can have the same supernatural quality. There are no great or mean tasks. All are great if they are done with love. Those which are considered great become small when the Christian meaning of life is lost sight of. On the other hand, there are apparently small things that can in fact be very great because of their real effects." (Conversacions with Monsignor Escriva de Balaguer, 109).