East Africa is the region with the most prayer cards translated into local languages

Saint Josemaria's prayercard has been translated into more than 80 languages in the whole world 11 of which come from the East African region.

Saint Josemaria's prayercard has been translated into more than 80 languages in the whole world. The East African region has the highest number of translations of the prayercard into local languages. This is helping to make Saint Josemaria known by many people.

Thanks to this, people from many places are able to ask Saint Josemaria for ordinary favours in their lives. Like these ones published in the webpage of Saint Josemaria:


Heavenly peace and calm

R. M., Kenya

Thank you St Josemaria for granting me a pass in all my exams. Filled with so much anxiety before sitting for my exams that made me feel like I knew nothing even after studying hard but you filled me with so much heavenly peace and calm that I was able to handle and tackle the questions. Thank you so much for your intercession.

We should have missed the flight

U. D., Canada

My husband and children and I recently returned from a year-long stay in Australia for work. For some reason we mixed up our flight times. We discovered with minutes to spare that we needed to leave for the airport immediately - with all of our belongings. We really couldn't afford to pay for new airline tickets back to Canada. During the drive to the airport we prayed the prayer card to St. Josemaria asking him to intercede for us that we would be able to somehow make our international flight. We managed to make it and had a safe and peaceful flight even though by human standards it seems we should have missed the flight and lost thousands of dollars in tickets in the process. Thank you St. Josemaria for getting us to the airport on time

A job for 2016

R., Chile

Thank you Saint Josemaria for having interceded before Almighty God to get me a job for 2016. Ever since I heard about you, everything has worked out well. Thank you very much.

Ateso (Uganda), Amharic (Ethiopia), Rutooro (Uganda), Kikamba (Kenya), Kisii (Kenya), Kikuyu (Kenya), Luo (Kenya), Kiswahili (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda), Luganda (Uganda), Kipsigis (Kenya), Luhya (Kenya) are the 11 languages the prayercard has been translated into.

The prayercards are available in pdf format for you to use on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click on a link below to access the prayercards.

1. Ateso (Uganda),
2. Amharic (Ethiopia)
3. Rutooro (Uganda)
4. Kikamba (Kenya)
5. Kisii (Kenya)
6. Kikuyu (Kenya)
7. Luo (Kenya)
8. Kiswahili (Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya)
9. Luganda (Uganda)
10. Kipsigis (Kenya)
11. Luhya (Kenya)