Why not attend a spiritual retreat this year?

"I’m recently back from my retreat in Tigoni Study Centre. And I’m so glad I went! I’m very grateful to my friend for really urging me to go; I didn’t know what I was missing until I went there. I really got time to think about my life, and I made resolutions to improve on study… I will also improve in my prayer life, and to do that, I’ll be sure to frequent the centre more often!"

​Jahazi Conference Centre (North Coast - Kenya)

A spiritual retreat is time spent away from the hubbub of your ordinary, day-to-day occupations in school, at home or at work, during which you can reflect in silence on how you live the Faith in your everyday work, family life and relationships with others.

Through sessions of prayer directed by a priest of Opus Dei on the central themes of the Catholic Faith, and talks facilitated by the organisers of the retreat, the attendants are guided through topics such as the meaning of life, God's design for humanity, Jesus Christ - true God and true man, family and Christian life, the vocations to marriage and celibacy and the importance of ordinary work.

Participants may also talk over their own situation with the priest or organiser to obtain advice which is appropriate to their specific circumstances.

In East Africa, the retreats are organised in Jahazi Conference Centre (Shariani, Vipingo), Tigoni Study Centre (Limuru, Kenya) and in Tusimba Study Centre (Kampala, Uganda). There are also retreats organised in Mumias, Eldoret and Kisumu (in Kenya) as well as in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).

Tigoni Study Centre (Limuru, Kenya)

Tusimba Study Centre (Kampala, Uganda)

"From the retreat I attended, I have learnt the beauty of silence." NS

"Despite having a chance to attend several while in high school, I never did attend a retreat. It's only now as a young professional that I did. And I'm not able to thank my friend enough for throwing me in that ocean! It really brought out a lot. But I guess now, back at home and at work is the hardest part. I want to write down a timetable of sorts and ask my friend to keep me accountable..." GN

"I had attended a retreat two years ago because my girlfriend insisted on it - not for any other reason. This year I attended one because I really needed one!" VK
For an updated schedule of retreats for men and women, young or not so young, or indeed still in high school or university, visit https://www.opusdei.or.ke/en-ke/article/spiritual-retreats-2018/