St Raphael Meditation on the Ascension of Jesus

During the coming weeks, we will publish, in audio format, some meditations preached by priests, which can help strengthen your life of prayer.

Opus Dei - St Raphael Meditation on the Ascension of JesusSource: Zoey Tien via Unsplash

Mathew 28: 16-20

"Go make disciples of all nations". We are called in the missionary mandate of Christ to take the good news to everyone. This is not a prerogative of bishops, priests and religious. You and I are called to take the teachings of Christ to the ends of the earth.

"There are many Christians who are persuaded that the Redemption will be completed in all environments of the world, and that there have to be some souls — they do not know which ones — who will contribute to carrying it out with Christ. But they think it will take centuries, many centuries. It would be an eternity, if it were to take place at the rate of their self-giving.

That was the way you yourself thought, until someone came to “wake you up”. Furrow n. 1

Listen to the meditation for the seven Sunday of Easter feastday of the Ascension of Jesus (May 24th, 2020):

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