Saint and mobile phone repairman

During a seminar in Tigoni, I got a problem with my phone and it could no longer work. I had all my information there!

Personal testimonies
Opus Dei - Saint and mobile phone repairman

All the contacts of the people in the country I have been residing (Congo), the contact that I had of the person who was to help me follow up my documents (I had come to Kenya to renew my ID and Passport) etc. I went to several shops to see if they could do something but in vain. I thought of other places where I could have it repaired then it dawned on me to ask more from St. Josemaria, who I had recourse to when the phone started having problems.

But this time, I sat down, I took a prayer card and before praying I talked to him: “You have to help me because this is not a caprice but a need; with the help of Don Alvaro, Don Javier and other people who are already in heaven”. Then I started praying the prayer card and afterwards, put the same prayer card on my phone. I told him I have to go to bed and start preparing for Mass and I don’t want to think again about that phone. Then a few minutes later, not even 5 minutes had passed, I saw a light coming from the phone! I got a shock, I couldn’t believe it. From then on, my phone has been functioning well without any problem. This happened on the 10th of March. Now, I’m very encouraged to ask for more favours. I thank our Lord and St. Josemaria.

M. N.