Memories of the Father's Visit to East Africa, 3

It is already a year since the Prelate of Opus Dei, Mons. Fernando Ocariz, visited the region of East Africa. Here is Part 3 of the fond memories we hold from those special days of 14th – 22nd December 2019.

With the Father, hakuna matata!

"I want to tell you that we must always be very happy, even when we experience our limitations, our defects, the setbacks, the difficulties, the mistakes we make. We can be happy! Because God, Jesus, Our Lady, love us infinitely!"

The Father in a get-together with young ladies in Pearlcrest Hospitality Training Institute.

"I repeat, be happy!"

The Father in a get-together with ladies in Kianda School.

"Marriage is also a vocation. St. Josemaria taught this from the beginning of the Work. The love between a man and a woman, the forming of a family, is humanly a very good thing, but with the strength of Christianity, with the strength of the Sacrament of Matrimony, it becomes a path to holiness."

The Father in a get-together with ladies in Kianda School.

The Father greets some of the families who came to see him in Pearlcrest.

"Try to find ways to strengthen people's education and training, especially of younger people because they are the ones who will be able to raise the level of life in that neighbourhood and in other neighbourhoods. First, by each of you truly fostering the deep desire to help others as much as you can, because that is something essential to Christianity. Jesus Christ said, "Whatever you do for someone, you do it for me."

The Father responding to a question from a student of Strathmore University during a general get-together in the university auditorium.

A group of young men from Kampala presented the Father with two songs on the happiness of Uganda

"My dream for Kenya is that it will become a more prosperous country, and that you Kenyans will love each other more and more. And at the same time that Christianity, the Christian faith, grows more and more. And of course, I also dream that the Work, Opus Dei, will grow here so that it can help many more people."

The Father answering a question from a young lady during a get-together for young people in Kianda School.

Jelina, from Samburu, asks the Father a question

You can watch a summary video of the Father's visit to Uganda in December 2019 here and see more photos from the entire pastoral trip to East Africa here.