Memories of the Father's Visit to East Africa, 2

It is already a year since the Prelate of Opus Dei, Mons. Fernando Ocariz, visited the region of East Africa. Here is Part 2 of the fond memories we hold from those special days of 14th – 22nd December 2019.

The Father receives a gift during the get-together with ladies in PearlCrest

" St. Josemaría said that education should reach out equally to the intellect, the will and the heart. Intelligence: science, history, necessary knowledge. But also the will. We have to educate the will so that people will be masters of themselves, so that they will know how to control themselves, so that they will know how to dedicate their efforts to what they should. And then the heart. Educating the heart also means educating the affections. Knowing how to love people truly, with generosity and in an orderly manner."

The Father answering a question on education, in a get-together with men in Strathmore University Auditorium

"When you spend a lot of time in a recreational activity, although in principle rest is good, but if you spend too much time on Instagram, YouTube etc, you end up as a slave to those things. You no longer have the strength to say no and do what is worthwhile: to study, or as you said - it is very important - to make true friends with other people, to deal with other people face to face and not just by touching a screen. So one has to avoid this kind of slavery and one can decide what one really wants, not what one feels. And thus one should have a very clear goal: is my life just to rest? That’s absurd. Is it my studies, to form myself. And also so that one can end up wasting time in things that are damaging. And thus the greatest goal we can have is to look for Christ, to fulfil his will and for that we need to form ourselves very well, knowing ourselves to be called by God."

The Father's response to a question on social media and recreational time, during a get-together with young people in Strathmore School.

Get-together in Strathmore School with young people.

"These [Uganda] martyrs who were indeed martyrs for witnessing to chastity and purity, also give us the occasion to think that the effort, the struggle we have to make to keep clean, to maintain purity, has to be a consequence of faith."
The Father, in a get-together with men in Tusimba Study Centre

"Purity and chastity is not a burden. It is not an obligation that weighs us down. it is something that frees us. While in reality slavery to sensuality, slavery to impurity, enslaves the soul."

The Father, in a get-together with young ladies in Pearlcrest Hospitality Training Institute.

Get-together of the Father in Tusimba Study Centre.

You can watch a summary video of the Father's visit to Kenya in December 2019 here.