Let us continue the work of God

During these days many masses were celebrated in honor of St Josemaria in Africa and in the whole world. From Kigali in Rwanda to Kampala, Mbarara in Uganda and Kisumu, Homabay, Kisii, Eldoret, Rongo, Kitengela, Ongata Rongai, Kitui, Mombasa in Kenya, and Dar es salam in Tanzania, and Pretoria and Johannesburg in South Africa, and Gaborone in Botswana.

In the capital of Kenya, Nairobi last June 17 the Bishop of Kitui Joseph Mwongela celebrated a colorful mass in Holy Family Basilica. The dancing girls of Kianda School praised the Lord with their beautiful dances. And the choir of Strathmore University accompanied the liturgy with songs of prayer.

The prelate encouraged the attendants to live a meaningful life: “May the light of the Risen Lord shine in our hearts and stir in us a desire to live a life of holiness. May God breathe into us the breath of life, as he did at the time of creation, so as to recreate us. May we be fully alive with love and dedication as we practise stewardship over the universe. As God created us, let us continue the work of creation with responsibility. Let us continue the work of God, “Opus Dei.”

In another moment of his homily, he gave a positive impulse before difficulties: “You may be hated because of doing the work of God; because of practicing the faith. {…} Do you ever feel like you have been fishing all night and caught nothing? How is your call an exercise in futility? How long was the dark night? What does Jesus tell you at daybreak? Launch into the deep. Trust his words. {…} The fish you catch are the fruits of your cooperation with Jesus.

In all the cities where the mass of Saint Josemaria was celebrated in the South and East of Africa the ambience was of joy and celebration in honor of the saint of ordinary life as St John Paul the Second called him on the day of the canonization in 2002.