First Corpus Christi Procession in ECT, Nairobi

A few months ago, the Principal, approached me with the suggestion that we hold a Eucharistic Procession in our College and my reaction was, great, let’s go ahead!

Opus Dei - First Corpus Christi Procession in ECT, Nairobi

We agreed that the most appropriate time would be during the Octave of Corpus Christi. We therefore set to get everything ready since it was going to be the first ever in the College.

The amazing thing is that everybody, staff and students, got enthused and hence wanted to get involved to make it a memorable day. And indeed it was! The different teams, choir, servers, canopy bearers and decorators did an excellent job!

Our greatest fear was the weather… but it also turned out to be perfect! Besides, a group of Spaniards in a work camp also got involved and so we had a blend of Eucharistic hymns in English, Swahili and Spanish.

We started with Mass at 12.10 p.m. and then prepared the makeshift Altar outside the Workshop building. The canopy bearers, clad in neat overalls were already waiting to welcome our Lord as the Procession advanced around the building. The decorators had already done a fantastic job of adorning the pathway with palm branches and flowers.

Fr. Martin Onyango addressed the congregation before Benediction reminding them of the significance of the celebration. Some of the students who are on-job-training managed to reach in time for the Procession and thus joined the rest of the students and staff members. We were all happy to spend the hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and we hope that this is the first among many more to come!