Day Spiritual Retreat in Kampala

During the first days of this month of November 2020 We had a day spiritual retreat in Bugala, the centre of Opus Dei for men in Kampala. A small group of university students came to have some days of reflection and prayer at the end of this complex year.

Opus Dei - Day Spiritual Retreat in Kampala

Romeo, Victor, Jonah, Alan, and Vianney came to have some days off from the pandemic. We kept all the health recommendations in the chapel and other places in the centre to have a peaceful and fruitful Spiritual Retreat.

We managed to have some guided prayer, time for adoration and personal reading from 9 am to 4 pm. Three days that we tried to use well as we could not go to Tusimba, the retreat house near Entebbe where we usually have our retreats. At the end of the third day, we had a get together where we shared our experiences and the promise to go to Tusimba next year.

The noise of the Kampala traffic was there during these days, but we managed to say our prayers and also offer these days for Michael -one of the older residents of the centre- who was operated on some days before. Great experience and great joy at the end of these days that finished with a glass of juice and cake.