We spent the last two weeks of our holidays helping needy students in the north of Mombasa.

I wanted to do something different with my friends these last few weeks when we had holidays in between semesters. My friends and I study in different universities along the Kenyan coast. We decided to help a school in the North of Mombasa . The small village is called Chasimba. This school is new and is having many challenges including finding teachers. We initially planned to help only the Form 4 students - the last year of secondary here in Kenya - prepare for their final exams in November, but ended up helping all the students in the four years of secondary!

Teresia, our mother, in the work camp.

Mathias is a retired teacher and a neighbour to the school. He still volunteers as one of the teachers in Chasimba , and he was so generous with us as he offered us his house to stay in. We were his guests for two weeks, the whole duration of the work camp! Teresia - his wife - took care of us as if we were her children. And we were not few. She had 10 of us. All of us had a very nice experience with the students and our friendship grew very much. The whole group thought at the end that we should go back and continue helping at this school in the future. We managed to get a very generous contribution for textbooks from a company in Mombasa. They bought more than 200 textbooks for the students doing Form 4.

We are very happy with our time spent in this school and we are going to continue helping them with our time and small contributions.

Anthony Ch.