Boys will be boys

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." Many parents realise this instinctively. Many have taken concrete steps towards raising "strong children". One example of these concrete steps are the boys clubs started by fathers, supported by mothers and run by the same fathers with help from energetic volunteers.

Dads from Fahari supervising their boys warming up for a football friendly with Hodari

In Kenya, the clubs organised for boys in primary schools are now five: Eastlands Centre Boys Club in Donholm, Fahari Boys Club in Thika, Hodari Boys Club in Lavington, Lemaiyan Boys Club in Kitengela and Sudek Boys Club in Madaraka.

Sudek Club on a father-son excursion in 2021
Sudek Club on a father-son excursion in 2021

What drove the parents and volunteers to start them? The common desire for a place where the young boys could study and complete homework from school, grow in their skills and talents (whether in music, sports, art or tech), form good friendships and learn in a structured way those good habits that are necessary for them to mature as exemplary citizens.
The oldest of the clubs - Hodari - begun in 1971. The youngest - Lemaiyan - begun last year in 2021. Their junior members come from a myriad of schools in their vicinity. They run their activities independently but sometimes come together for camps, football tournaments and such like.
With the continued involvement of the parents - especially the dads - this is one concrete step towards building strong children.