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In Poland: A Script Written by God

Last March, a few days after her 80th birthday, Agnieszka’s mother passed away in Warsaw from Covid-19. But the script that God was writing had a happy ending.

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Sunday: a New Creation and a New Exodus

An article by Fr Joseph Evans on the recent letter by the bishops of England and Wales urging the faithful to return to Sunday Mass because of its central role in our spiritual life.

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A Dream Wedding… That Ended At McDonald’s

This story of a wedding begins in Puebla, Mexico, where Rocio Rondero, a 27-year-old Mexican woman, met René, who had come from Gijon in northwestern Spain to work in Mexico.

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Alvaro, a Beacon for his Friends

In the early hours of April 16-17, 2021, Alvaro de Pedroso Siqueira, a young supernumerary of Opus Dei, died from Covid in São Paulo, Brazil. Testimonies soon began arriving from many friends who testified to how Alvaro had helped them come closer to God.

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Driving for a Change

Lauan University Center volunteers collected and distributed food and care packages to jeepney drivers and their families whose incomes were drastically cut by the pandemic restrictions.

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“I know that prayer saved us”

Gisela, a cooperator of Opus Dei in Ecuador, recounts how prayer helped her family overcome Covid when she was pregnant.

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“Filling in” for the Affection of their Families

As in so many places during the health crisis, the residence for the elderly where Rafa works has had to multiply its efforts to care lovingly and professionally for the people there.

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"He brought joy to many patients"

The chaplain-engineer at Laguna Hospice Care Center, Father José Ruiz, died during the early stages of the pandemic in Madrid. His friends pay tribute to his life in this article and video.

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Austral Solidarity Hospital: a Dream of Saint Josemaría

Thanks to the generosity of many people and organizations, since June 1 the Austral Solidarity Covid Hospital has been caring for gravely ill coronavirus patients without health insurance.

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A Priest on a Dusty Road

Fr. Joaquim Cabanyes died at the age of 62 in Nigeria, due to Covid-19. Jaime remembers meeting him on a hot dusty road 20 years ago, in the middle of Nigeria.

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