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Austral Solidarity Hospital: a Dream of Saint Josemaría

Thanks to the generosity of many people and organizations, since June 1 the Austral Solidarity Covid Hospital has been caring for gravely ill coronavirus patients without health insurance.

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A Priest on a Dusty Road

Fr. Joaquim Cabanyes died at the age of 62 in Nigeria, due to Covid-19. Jaime remembers meeting him on a hot dusty road 20 years ago, in the middle of Nigeria.

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An Opportunity for Families

Jack and his family live in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. He gives some tips on how they have been coping with the lockdown, which has been a great opportunity to grow as a family

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“No one had shown concern for their situation”

In the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona, half of the people are immigrants and unemployment is over 30%. Nuria recounts what she is doing at Terral to help as many of these people as possible.

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My Benin Food-Drive in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ella, a recent graduate, shares her experience in assisting the needy in Benin City. Despite being in Calabar, she was able to work remotely in organizing a team of volunteers in Benin to provide palliatives and health and safety measures to some indigent people in Benin City.

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Covid-19: Prelate’s Dialogue with Health Care Workers

Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz took part in the second edition of “Harambee Covid-19 Conversations,” a series of discussions among health care professionals from Africa, Europe and Latin America.

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​In Portugal: “#washing your hands is not enough”

Dita, from Portugal, writes about an initiative to connect by phone with elderly people who are suffering from loneliness during COVID-19. Many new friendships have resulted.

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"I would like to keep on living"

Four stories about people who have overcome the "trial of the coronavirus": a 99 year old widow, a Down Syndrome boy, a retired domestic worker and a university professor.

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Creating Jobs in Nairobi During COVID-19

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the life of the poor in Nairobi has become even more painful. One person recounts what he has tried to do to meet some of their more pressing needs.

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"All our plans are always only 'penciled in'"

Katerina, who lives in Canada, recounts her family's struggles and joys during the quarantine.

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