A Day with Paul VI

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A Day with Paul VI

On 21 November 1965, Pope Paul VI, who will be canonized on Sunday, took part in the inauguration of the academic year at the ELIS center and at the...

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“We urgently need to christianize society”

Following the Master's wishes, you are to be salt and light while being fully immersed in this world we were made to live in, sharing in all human activities. Light illumines the hearts and minds of men. Salt gives flavor and preserves from corruption. That is why if you lack apostolic zeal you will become insipid and useless. You will be letting other people down and your life will be absurd. (The Forge, 22)

God did not create us to build a lasting city here on earth [1], because 'this world is the way to that other, a dwelling place free from care' [2]. Nevertheless, we children of God ought not to remain aloof from earthly endeavors, for God has placed us here to sanctify them and make them fruitful with our blessed faith ...

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