A Day with Paul VI

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A Day with Paul VI

On 21 November 1965, Pope Paul VI, who will be canonized on Sunday, took part in the inauguration of the academic year at the ELIS center and at the...

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“Feeling... that I am a son of God fills me with real hope”

Perhaps there is no greater tragedy for man than the sense of disillusionment he suffers when he has corrupted or falsified his hope, by placing it in something other than the one Love which satisfies without ever satiating. (Friends of God, 208)

If we transform our temporal projects into ends in themselves and blot out from our horizon our eternal dwelling place and the end for which we have been created, which is to love and praise the Lord and then to possess him for ever in Heaven, then our most brilliant endeavors turn traitor, and can even become a means of ...

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