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Pope Francis: Address to the Campus Bio-medico University in Rome

"Blessed Alvaro del Portillo encouraged you to place yourselves every day at the service of the human person in his or her entirety. I thank you for this, it is very pleasing to God." Address by Pope Francis on 18 October to respresentatives from the Campus Biomedico University in Rome.

From the Church and the Pope

Letter from the Prelate (18 October 2021)

On the feast of Saint Luke, the Prelate of Opus Dei invites us to contemplate our Lord in the Gospel in order to let ourselves be transformed by Him.

Pastoral Letters and Messages

Peter at the Helm, God in the Boat

The testimony of Saint Josemaría and other saints about love for the Pope and trust in God.

Fostering Interior Life

“There are so many good people everywhere”

In the Year of Saint Joseph and the Family, Erick Díaz, a Peruvian supernumerary in Opus Dei, talks about how he migrated to the United States filled with dreams. There he met his wife, Sandy, and they now have five children.

Personal testimonies

Crossing the Pyrenees: All of Them or None of Them

At the end of 1937 Saint Josemaría and some of the first members of Opus Dei and friends crossed the Pyrenees to the so-called national zone, where it was easier for Saint Josemaría to continue his priestly work. During this crossing, there were some particularly risky and difficult moments. The historian José Carlos Martín de la Hoz recounts one of them.

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Christian Freedom, Universal Leaven of Liberation

In his 13 October general audience, Pope Francis continued his catechesis on Saint Paul's Letter to the Galatians, speaking about the meaning of Christian freedom.

From the Church and the Pope

"That First Prayer of a Child of God" (with audio)

On 16 October 1931, Saint Josemaria, beset with many worries, deeply experienced the reality that he was a child of God, which he called a "new Mediterranean" in his life.

Fostering Interior Life

"Pray for the gift of unity"

Homily of Monsignor Fernando Ocariz, Chancellor of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, at the inaugural Mass for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. He highlights the “yearning for unity in the Church” reflected in the texts of the Mass for Pentecost.

From the Prelate

October Recollection Kit

A recollection is a “mini-retreat,” a few hours of quiet prayer when we look at our lives in God's presence. As we continue to face a global pandemic, this guide can help us spend an hour or two in loving conversation with God, right where we are.

Fostering Interior Life

Challenges of our Courtship

Setting out on a life-long journey requires careful preparation. Dulce and José María speak about the challenges of their own engagement, which ended with their wedding in May 2021.

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