Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults

The Prelature of Opus Dei is committed to promoting the safety, welfare and protection of minors and vulnerable adults on the island of Ireland in accordance with the standards set out in "Safeguarding Children - Policy and Standards for the Catholic Church in Ireland" (2016), issued by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland and with its own safeguarding policies.

Safeguarding Policy - Ireland

The Prelature of Opus Dei is committed to promoting the safety, welfare and protection of children on the island of Ireland in accordance with the Policy and Guidance issued by the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland and with its own safeguarding policies.

The Region of North-West Europe of the Prelature provides Christian formation in Ireland, in activities such as retreats, recollections, talks, courses and in personal spiritual guidance, in association with charities such as Brosna Educational Foundation Ltd and Fiúntas Centres Limited. Although directed primarily to adults, formation is also provided to young people in the course of activities organised by the associated charities. The aim of the formation given in any such work with young people is to collaborate with and support the primary responsibility of the parents in the formation and education of their children.

The Prelature does not run activities such as youth clubs, schools, or residences. Every youth club, school, residence, parish or other entity that provides accommodation or organises educational, sporting, or cultural activities for young people, with which the Prelature collaborates in the giving of formation, will have its own safeguarding policy and procedures and an officer specifically appointed and trained to deal with any concern or allegation that might arise in the course of its activities.

While the safeguarding policies of the Prelature are addressed in the first instance to the priests of the Prelature and other faithful of the Prelature who give Catholic formation on its behalf, they are also relevant to those faithful of the Prelature who are involved in activities with young people which are run on their own initiative or are subject to the direction, safeguarding policy and responsibility of an independent civil entity such as Brosna or Fiúntas

The safeguarding policies of the Prelature do not in any way diminish or displace the civil responsibility of the person or entity organising the activity in question, but overlap with it to foster diligence in this matter on the part of the faithful of the Prelature and to ensure that no gaps exist in the safeguarding of young people.

Child Safeguarding Policy Statement of the Constituent Members of the Catholic Church in Ireland (See Safeguarding Policy - Ireland)

As a constituent member of the Catholic Church in Ireland, we recognise and uphold the dignity and rights of all children, are committed to ensuring their safety and well-being, and will work in partnership with parents/guardians to do this. We recognise each child as a gift from God, and we value and encourage the participation of children in all activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

All Church personnel (including clergy, staff and volunteers) have a responsibility to safeguard children through promoting their welfare, health and development in a safe and caring environment that supports their best interests and prevents abuse.

Details of Personnel to Contact if you are Concerned about the Welfare and Safety of Children:

Deputy Safeguarding Coordinator for the Prelature in Ireland

Fr Brendan O’Connor

Knapton House, 30 Knapton Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, A96 XA46

Mobile: +353 860525567 or +44 7726775560

Email: (for confidential reports) or (for general enquiries)

Police (See also Local Safeguarding Contacts)

Gardaí National Protective Services Bureau

01 6663430 / 01 6663435

Child Protection Service (See also Local Safeguarding Contacts)

Tusla: Dublin South East

Unit 9, Nutgrove Retail Park, Churchtown, Dublin, D14 NT35

Tel. 01 9213400


Prelature Safeguarding Policy - Ireland

NBSCCCI Safeguarding Policy

NBSCCCI Safeguarding Guidance Documents

Safeguarding Review

The Prelature invited the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland (NBSCCCI) to conduct a review of its safeguarding practice, as part of the general review by the NBSCCCI of Church bodies in Ireland. The outcome of that Review (part of Tranche 10 of the NBSCCCI review process) was published on 4th May 2016. The text of the Review and the Statement of the Regional Vicar welcoming its findings (see links below) were published at that time in the News section of this website.

The recommendations contained in that Review have since been implemented. A brief Update to this effect was sent to the NBSCCCI in December 2016 (see link below).

Opus Dei Review

Statement 4-V-2016

Update 28-XII-2016