"We were already there in God's plan"

On October 2nd, the Prelate of Opus Dei celebrated the feast of the Holy Guardian Angels and the anniversary of Opus Dei’s founding with faithful of the Prelature in Rome.

On the 89th anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz encouraged the faithful of the Prelature in Rome to give a lot of thanks to God for the generosity of Saint Josemaria, who “from the very beginning carried out Opus Dei with no means or people to help him, but with enormous faith and hope.”

The Prelate spoke about vocation as both a responsibility and a gift, and recalled that “when our Founder received this light in his heart and mind on October 2nd, 1928, we were already there in God’s plan. Our Lord thought of each one of us from all eternity, putting Opus Dei in our hands.”

"Are we putting Christ at the center of our work, day after day?"

He also emphasized that October 2nd is an occasion to thank the Holy Guardian Angels, on whose feast day God chose to found Opus Dei. “Each of us should thank our Guardian Angel, this companion who is at our side, this spiritual being who sees God face to face and at the same time watches over us, for so much help and protection that we don’t even know about.”

Monsignor Ocáriz encouraged everyone to do a personal examination of conscience: “Are we putting Christ at the center of our work, day after day? By offering it to our Lord, so that wherever we are, we are cooperating in the great mission of the Church, bringing the Gospel to all places.”

Referring to all the work that comes with the beginning of a new academic year, Monsignor Ocáriz said that we should not give in to activism. “We need to finish one job and then start another, without losing our peace or wasting time. But to ensure that these activities do not separate us from God, we also need to rest and care for our life of piety. Seeking peace, interior peace in God.”

The Prelate at the end asked everyone to pray for the Holy Father and his intentions: “May your thoughts always go to the Roman Pontiff. Here as well, let us be good sons and daughters of Saint Josemaria, who loved and prayed so much for the Pope.”