News about the Beatification through WhatsApp

It is now possible to receive the latest news and information about the beatification of Alvaro del Portillo through WhatsApp.

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Opus Dei - News about the Beatification through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular cellphone app for sending and receiving photos and text messages. Below are instructions on how to use WhatsApp to receive updates about the upcoming beatification.

1. Add a new contact to your cell phone with this phone number: (34) 668 819 562

2. To receive updates in English, send a WhatsApp message saying “Hello” to the new contact.

3. All done! You will receive a confirmation message and each week you will get two WhatsApp messages with news updates.

The WhatsApp messages are free in all countries. After the beatification, the distribution list will be deleted, and no more news updates will be sent.

Please do not use this WhatsApp account to make inquiries or comments, since the messages sent via WhatsApp are not answered. Instead, please contact the beatification organization committee through one of the email accounts we have established for this purpose. For general queries, please write to [email protected]