“The Adventure of Marriage”: Video-Series

In this series of six videos, Sole and Juampi, an Argentinian couple, share the story of their joys and sorrows, struggles and victories in their married life together. These six videos could serve as a resource for pre-marriage courses and for young couples.

Dangers Along the Way

The defects of the other spouse can become an obstacle for harmony in married life. Everything is at stake here. How can spouses confront and overcome this danger?

Searching for Light

In marriage, the Christian path is traveled together by two people. How can the couple learn to give Jesus a place in their home?

Importance of Not Being Alone

"We are in a crisis, and want to separate." In difficult moments, the help of other Christian couples can be decisive for not giving up.

An Adventure for Everyone

When children start arriving, joy is mixed with new worries. One's salary is insufficient, time becomes scarce, the couple's relationship changes...

It is Worthwhile

"End each day with a hug." This is the advice of Sole and Juampi for those undertaking the adventure of marriage, which is certainly worthwhile.

The six videos in the series have been produced by Digito identidad.