Finding Meaning in Grief

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Opus Dei coming to Ireland, we have a series of 6 interviews from men and women across Ireland who wish to share how Opus Dei has positively influenced their lives. In our second episode, Gobnait O'Grady discusses the impact of grief in our lives and the lives of others, and how to help those who need our accompaniment and care during this difficult time in their lives.

In this episode, Gobnait O'Grady speaks to us about working in the area of grief and loss. We discuss her own experience of grief and the subsequent understanding of other people's grief with her involvement in the "Bethany Bereavement Support Group". We also discuss the impact of grief, and the importance of accompaniment and compassion.

Gobnait with her husband, Maurice

To find out more information about the Bethany Bereavement Support Group, please visit their website. 

Gobnait O'Grady

Gobnait O'Grady