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Young People with the Prelate in Rome

Clips from meetings between Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz and groups of university students from all over the world during Holy Week in the Eternal City.

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The Pope to UNIV: "We contemplate Christ crucified"

At the end of his catechesis on the virtue of patience, Pope Francis greeted the young people at UNIV, who came to Rome for Holy Week.

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Young people united by their faith!

“The trip to Rome during UNIV was powerful and meaningful! I might sometimes feel lonely, but I am never alone.”

Opus Dei in this country

The Prelate with Young People in UNIV

Nearly three thousand university students from all over the world travelled to the Eternal City to experience Holy Week in Rome. Over the course of the week, Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz held various gatherings with young people, talking to them and sharing experiences of faith and friendship.

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UNIV 2023: Feet in Rome, Hearts in Turkey and Syria

The UNIV meeting in Rome this year will bring together 3,000 university students. They will take part in Holy Week ceremonies, discuss the search for happiness, and donate to Caritas in Turkey and Syria to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis.

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UNIV 2022: “Rebuilding Together: The Strength of Human Relationships”

More than 2,000 students will meet in Rome from April 10 to 17 to deepen their appreciation for Holy Week and reflect on the topic “Rebuilding Together: The Strength of Human Relationships.”

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Virtual Meeting with the Prelate for UNIV 2021

Excerpts from a Zoom video-conference with young men from various countries. In this conversation, Msgr. Fernando Ocáriz answers questions from people from Venezuela, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya, France, United States and Brazil.

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A Global Gathering with the Prelate

Not being able to travel to Rome for the UNIV congress turned out to be a great opportunity for many university women from all over the world, who took part in a live online get-together with the Prelate of Opus Dei.

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UNIV: At home, but with our hearts in Rome

UNIV 2021, due to the pandemic, will take place online this year. In many countries around the world, activities are being organized to spend Holy Week and Easter at home, but with our hearts in Rome.

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Pray with Saint Josemaria via Webcam during Holy Week

On Tuesday March 30 at 7 pm and Saturday April 3 at 10 am in Rome (UTC +2), live images will be broadcast from the prelatic church of Our Lady of Peace in Rome, where the mortal remains of Saint Josemaría Escrivá repose.

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