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40 years ago! A bit of history…

On his way to Mexico, Blessed Alvaro, called "Father" for 20 years, stopped in Canada and visited St. Joseph, his father and friend, at St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal.

Opus Dei in this country

Without Memory or Speech

“Illness is not a punishment; it is a caress from God,” Blessed Alvaro del Portillo stressed in 1987, “to draw us to him.” This couple entrusted themselves to Don Alvaro's intercession at a difficult time.


Interior life

Bishop del Portillo explains to a young deaf woman that sickness is an opportunity to have a deeper interior life.


Apostolate is to love other people

"Doing apostolate is a question of love" assures Bishop del Portillo in a get-together with Kenian families.


Africa's call

Why do many people visit Africa and then want to stay there? Alvaro del Portillo answers in this short video.