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Prelature of Opus Dei

On 28 November 1982, St. John Paul II erected Opus Dei as a Personal Prelature by means of the Apostolic Constitution "Ut sit." Here are some videos and texts on its juridical structure and apostolic mission.

Personal prelature

Statutes of Opus Dei

The Statutes of Opus Dei were promulgated by Pope St John Paul II in 1982. Written in Latin, they define precisely the juridical configuration of the Prelature, its organization, and its aims.

Personal prelature

In all discretion, she left a mark

Hery’s life shows that, while it requires a certain alertness, love does not make much noise.

Opus Dei in this country

Walking Together for Reconciliation

Resources to follow Pope Francis’ visit to Canada

Opus Dei in this country

Promote Unity, Repair Relations, Walk Together

Pope Francis will visit Alberta, Quebec and Nunavut July 24-29. We asked Fr. Cristino Bouvette of the Office of the Papal Visit to Canada, three questions.

Opus Dei in this country

When can Cooperators earn indulgences?

Cooperators of Opus Dei

2022 Summer Programs for Young Men

We present an overview of educational and character building programs offered for young men across Canada this summer of 2022. The chaplain for these activities is a priest of Opus Dei.

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“We need to make Christ’s way of being our own”

“The Centrality of Christ in the Formation and Life of Priests” was the theme of the 57th Conference on Pastoral Questions in Castelldaura, near Barcelona, which took place on 25-26 January.

Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

Gérald Leduc, priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei, 1949-2022

Father Gérald Leduc died of leukemia after years of pastoral work as a priest in the prelature of Opus Dei.

Opus Dei in this country

Jerry, Anglican Pastor and Cooperator of Opus Dei

Jerry is an Anglican minister who assists people fleeing from ISIS in the Middle East. He says being a Cooperator is a great help for him in his personal life and ministry.

Cooperators of Opus Dei