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3 Short Stories about the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

Gerona, Hinojosa de Jarque (Teruel) and Santa María de Luneda (Pontevedra) are the starting points for three hitherto unknown testimonies of dedication to others. The historian Santiago Martínez brings us an account of three early members of the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross — founded by Saint Josemaría in 1943 — to which more than 4,000 clerics around the world belong today.

Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

Working Together: New Video about Cooperators

People around the world talk about what it means to be a cooperator of Opus Dei and how it brings them encouragement in their daily lives.

Cooperators of Opus Dei

"Wherever I Am": Sanctifying Family Life and Daily Work

Ayra, a Cooperator of Opus Dei in Macau, says that she has learned how to better care for her family and remain joyful and at peace in times of difficulty: "Embracing my crosses with a smile makes a difference in me and those around me wherever I am."

Cooperators of Opus Dei

What is the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross?

Priests from all over the world speak about the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, an association of clergy intrinsically united to the Prelature of Opus Dei. Its aim is to promote holiness among secular priests through the exercise of their ministry in the service of the Church.

Priestly Society of the Holy Cross

Montreal Engineer to be ordained a Priest of Opus Dei (continued)

My intention is that all of us being ordained together be that instrument of God’s love, a bridge between man and God, to help people discover peace and love in their lives.

Opus Dei in this country

Montreal Engineer to be ordained a Priest of Opus Dei

I learned that beauty and goodness can express themselves in different ways. This led me to be curious about discovering it in everyone one I meet and in every situation.

Opus Dei in this country

Serving with the heart of a father

Two discreet men show us a sure path of holiness in the everyday life: St. Joseph, celebrated on March 19, and Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, on May 12

Opus Dei in this country

Letter of the new Vicar

Msgr. Antoine de Rochebrune, the new Opus Dei vicar for Canada, following his arrival in the midst of a pandemic, addresses a message of hope to his new fellow citizens.

Opus Dei in this country

14 February: Women in Opus Dei

A video of Saint Josemaría to celebrate February 14, 1930, the day on which the Founder understood that Opus Dei was a path to holiness for all men and women.

Opus Dei

Jerry, Anglican Pastor and Cooperator of Opus Dei

Jerry is an Anglican minister who assists people fleeing from ISIS in the Middle East. He says being a Cooperator is a great help for him in his personal life and ministry.

Cooperators of Opus Dei