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Regional Circumscriptions of Opus Dei

This article lists the current circumscriptions of Opus Dei, which include about sixty countries in which the Prelature is present.

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Safe Environment

The Prelature in Canada is committed to providing a safe environment in all its activities for children, youth and vulnerable persons. It follows the policies and procedures issued by the Holy See for the universal Church as well as the indications given for dioceses in the Canada by the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops (CCCB).

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Father Joseph Escribano (1933-2023), a Pillar for the Beginnings of Opus Dei in Canada

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Celebrating the Feast of Saint Josemaria in Canada (2023)

The feast of Saint Josemaria (June 26) will be commemorated throughout Canada with numerous celebrations. Enclosed you will find the list of scheduled Masses.

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A miracle of Saint Josemaria in Ontario

My mother thought she was having a heart attack. The prelate of the Work, who was here on those days, told me: everything will be fine. But the tests were very negative. The doctor called me. "Dagmar, I can't believe it!

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Family Camp: A Place to Rest, Reflect and Renew

Summer. Time to relax, slow down, reconnect with family and friends, and revel in the all-too-brief warm weather. Also a season to reflect on the past year and plan for the new one. We enjoy all these things at our annual Family Camp

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To all mothers: Happy Mother's Day!

One of Marie's greatest motivations is her husband and her four children. For more than ten years, she has been involved in their recreational activity and makes sure to pass on a faith adapted to their age.

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Young people united by their faith!

“The trip to Rome during UNIV was powerful and meaningful! I might sometimes feel lonely, but I am never alone.”

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Opportunities for exciting, meaningful exchanges

Easter season, a special time to witness at home, to talk about our faith. We all have moments when we have profound questions .

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A whole new dimension to life

Lent? A time to look at ourselves through the eyes and heart of Christ. Liz tells us how her encounter with Opus Dei led her to new horizons.

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