Additional information on the November 4 edition of Enquête about Opus Dei

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Additional information on the November 4 edition of Enquête about Opus Dei

Montreal, November 5, 2021 - Radio-Canada's program Enquête broadcast yesterday a report on Opus Dei whose professed aim was to “shed light on this little-known institution in Canada”. This is a praiseworthy intention and certainly contributes to public debate. However, the format of the program did not provide a fair balance, as it spent most of the time dwelling on three very detailed testimonies of ex-members, as against only one testimony from an actual member of Opus Dei, interspersed with a few very brief excerpts from an interview with the press office.

The program reported the painful life experiences that some ex-members had during their time in Opus Dei. We are deeply saddened to learn about this and express our willingness to listen to what they have to say and ask forgiveness for any mistakes that may have been made in their particular cases.

The program’s format failed to convey how life in Opus Dei is a source of fulfillment for the vast majority of people who are part of the organisation. Opus Dei can only be understood in terms of its absolute respect for the freedom of its members, who are ordinary citizens trying to live out their faith each in his or her own environment. While expressing our appreciation for the investigative work of the Enquête team, it seems to us that a more balanced view of Opus Dei should have been provided.

You will find here a letter sent to Radio-Canada this morning.

Letter to Radio Canada

We invite anyone who has questions about Opus Dei to contact us ( and we encourage viewers to visit our website and our Facebook and Twitter pages to make up their own mind about Opus Dei.

Summary of Opus Dei

Opus Dei is an institution of the Catholic Church that has been present in Canada for about 60 years. Opus Dei offers Christian guidance to anyone – not only to its members – who wishes to grow spiritually.

Members live their vocation with full freedom. They join this institution voluntarily after a serene discernment and if they wish to leave, they do so also in complete freedom. Their mission is to live the spirit of the Gospel in their daily lives and to help those who wish to deepen their Christian faith. The vast majority (about 80%) of the members are married, which explains why the work of formation is mainly focused on families, without forgetting young people who are the future of society.

The Opus Dei website provides abundant information on the nature of the institution and the type of activities it offers to the general public, as well as many testimonies of people from all walks of life.

Note: Anyone wishing to report abuse can do so by writing to or by calling (514) 441-8397.

Isabelle Saint-Maurice
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Prelature of Opus Dei

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