Novena for Forgiveness

With quotes from Saint Josemaria and going to his intercession, this novena prepared by Fr. Francisco Faus asks for the grace to learn how to forgive others. It can be downloaded in pdf format.

Forgiving in theory is one thing, but forgiving a real person in real life is altogether different. It is only natural to seek forgiveness for ourselves, but to forgive others when it takes a heroic effort to do so requires a greatness of soul. The Novena for Forgiveness, with many quotes from Saint Josemaria's writings, helps to ask God for the grace of learning how to forgive and, as Pope Francis reminds us, to discover the “joy of forgiveness”.

“In the Year of Mercy, every Christian family can become a privileged place on this pilgrimage for experiencing the joy of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the essence of the love which can understand mistakes and mend them. How miserable we would be if God did not forgive us! Within the family we learn how to forgive, because we are certain that we are understood and supported, whatever the mistakes we make.”


It can be downloaded in pdf format here.