New Region of United States and Canada

In a decree dated March 19, 2024, the Prelate of Opus Dei has established the new Region of the United States and Canada.

As the Prelate of Opus Dei, Monsignor Fernando Ocáriz explained in a letter on January 30, 2021, an ongoing study has been carried out regarding the Prelature's circumscriptions, in order to spur forward and coordinate its apostolic undertakings. Part of this project involves reducing the number of organizational and governmental structures, to foster greater efficiency, agility, and fruitfulness in the apostolic work and more attention to caring for people. 

To this end, the Prelate issued a decree on March 19, 2024, reorganizing the circumscriptions of the United States and Canada by merging the two into one new region and by closing the Delegation of Central United States and the Delegation of California. The territories originally comprising the two delegations as well as all operations previously managed by them are now integrated and centralized under the regional headquarters. 

The Regional Vicar of the United States and Canada is Fr. Javier del Castillo. He will direct the activity of the Prelature in both countries with the help of two governing councils, the Regional Advisory for women and the Regional Commission for men. 

The principal headquarters of the Region of the United States and Canada is in New York. The Regional Advisory has a second office in Montreal, where the headquarters of the Advisory of Canada was located until now. 

The new region of the United States and Canada comprises all thirteen Canadian provinces and territories, as well as the fifty states and District of Columbia of the U.S.