Integrating Spiritual Reflection into my actions

Normand is Lebanese. He returned to Canada in 2015 after working in Afghanistan. In his fifties, he is a Maronite Catholic, married, with three young adult children. Presently he lives in Ottawa.


How did you get to know the Opus Dei?

From a friend who introduced me to the Opus Dei.

Why did you decide to become cooperator of Opus Dei?

After my first introduction I felt peace inside of me and wanted to change my daily life to reflect the image of Jesus.

Are you collaborating with any specific apostolic initiative?

Helping others finding the Way to Sainthood.

How are you cooperating? (prayer, work, donations …)

In my daily work, in prayer and daily communication with the Lord.

What does being cooperator bring to your life?

It brings happiness, allow me to look at things from a spiritual perspective, it also gives patience, calmness, peace and joy.

What aspect of the spirit of Opus Dei do you find more appealing?

The way to go about doing things with the spiritual thinking integrated in it.

Are you participating in the means of formation organized by the Prelature? Why?

Each month I attend a recollection lecture held by the Prelature on a spiritual subject to find ways to improve my relationship with the Lord and to learn how to integrate in my daily life what I have heard.