5 Tools to Get to Know Saint Josemaria

Saint Josemaria was born on January 9, 1902, in Barbastro, Spain. Here are a few of the ways to get to know his life, including videos of his preaching, texts from his writings, in addition to audios, testimonies, and more.

1. Short videos of him in action

Here you can find videos of the Founder of Opus Dei preaching to people from all over the world, in addition to testimonies from people who have benefitted from his life and teachings. You can also find a collection of playlists, with videos on specific topics, on the the Saint Josemaria YouTube channel.

2. A new and improved Saint Josemaria section on opusdei.org

In these last months, the content of the old website josemariaescriva.info has been transferred to opusdei.org and can be found in the new section dedicated to Saint Josemaria.

3. Writings by the Founder of Opus Dei (in text and audio)

Pray with these homilies by the Founder of Opus Dei in mp3 or, if you prefer to read them yourself, you can also consult escrivaworks.org for access to many of his writings and homilies. And you can find more resources here.

4. Photo Gallery:

High quality photographs of Saint Josemaria, from throughout his life, are available on Flickr:

5. Saint Josemaría on social networks

Follow Saint Josemaria on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

Official Twitter account.

Saint Josemaria Facebook Page

Facebook Page of the Saint Josemaria Institute

Saint Josemaria YouTube Channel