“To meditate for a while each day... befits conscientious Christians”

You go on attending some classes daily, merely because in them you acquire a certain rather limited knowledge. How is it then that you are not constant in going to the Master, who is always ready to teach you the science of interior life, with its eternal content and savour? (Furrow, 663)

What is a man or the greatest reward on earth worth compared with Jesus Christ, who is always ready to be with you? (Furrow, 664)

To meditate for a while each day and be united in friendship with God is something that makes sense to people who know how to make good use of their lives. It befits conscientious Christians who live up to their convictions. (Furrow, 665)

Those in love do not know how to say good-bye: they are with one another all the time. Do you and I know how to love the Lord like this? (Furrow, 666)

Have you noticed how many of your companions know how to be very kind and considerate when dealing with the people they love, whether it is their girlfriend, their wife, their children or their family. Tell them that the Lord does not deserve less, and ask it of yourself, too. May they treat him in that way. Tell them that if they continue being kind and considerate, but do it with him and for him, they will achieve, even here on earth, a happiness they had never dreamed of. (Furrow, 676)

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