“The Kingdom of God is like a treasure”

I am every day more convinced that happiness in Heaven is for those who know how to be happy on earth. (The Forge, 1005)

(On June 26, the Church celebrates the Feast of Saint Josemaria).

You wrote: ``Simile est regnum caelorum ‑‑ the Kingdom of God is like a treasure|... This passage from the Gospel has taken root in my soul. I had read it so many times before, without grasping its meaning, its divine flavor.'' Yes, everything. The prudent man has to sell everything to obtain the treasure ‑‑ the precious pearl of Glory. (The Forge, 993)

Think how pleasing to Our Lord is the incense burnt in his honor. Think also how little the things of this earth are worth; even as they begin they are already ending. In Heaven, instead, a great Love awaits you, with no betrayals and no deceptions. The fullness of love, the fullness of beauty and greatness and knowledge|... And it will never cloy: it will satiate, yet still you will want more. (The Forge, 995)

There is no greater self‑mastery than to make oneself a servant, the willing servant of all souls! This is how to gain the greatest honors, both on earth and in Heaven. (The Forge, 1045)

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